Rabbi Rappaport’s unique approach to a perfect circumcision experience not only honors deeply held cultural traditions but also aligns beautifully with the nurturing methods of midwives and holistic health practitioners.

His technique, merging ritual significance with accuracy, offers a special kind of care that many families seek—one that’s personal, meaningful, and rooted in a more natural approach to one of life’s most precious moments. 

Rabbi Rappaport’s work harmonizes and supports the efforts of midwives, creating a well-rounded and heartwarming experience for families!

What Makes Rabbi Rappaport’s Approach to Circumcision Unique?

Rabbi Rappaport’s circumcision method is distinctively holistic, focusing on the well-being of both the baby and the parents. Parents are encouraged to be present throughout, ensuring a comforting and inclusive experience. 

Unlike the clinical, impersonal, often dragged-out nature of hospital procedures, Rabbi Rappaport’s approach is conducted in a warm, loving environment. 

Significantly, his circumcision method does not involve injections or drugs, with the option of a topical anesthetic for pain management. This approach emphasizes a meaningful and spiritual experience, starkly different from the typical hospital setting.

What Makes Rabbi Rappaport’s Method Quick and Comfortable?

The rapidity and comfort of Rabbi Rappaport’s circumcision method is unparalleled. The procedure is remarkably swift and completed in under 30 seconds, minimizing discomfort for the baby. 

The absence of injections or drugs is a key aspect, with only a topical anesthetic used when necessary. 

Rabbi Rappaport’s expertise ensures immediate or rapid bleeding control, often within the first or second diaper change. 

His efficiency—in a nurturing environment—provides a peaceful and less stressful experience for both the baby and the parents.

Which Birthing Centers and Midwives Recommend Rabbi Rappaport?

In the Maryland (MD), Washington D.C. (DC), Virginia (VA), and West Virginia (WV) areas, Rabbi Rappaport stands out for his exceptional circumcision services. His approach, which is both gentle and expert, perfectly complements the ethos of many birthing centers that prioritize natural and holistic care.

His reputation for gentle, expert care is well-suited for families seeking a more traditional and less clinical circumcision experience. His approach resonates strongly with the principles upheld in these birthing communities.

Midwives and birthing centers

Rabbi Rappaport is highly regarded by a wide range of birthing centers, including:

  1. Sage Midwifery: Rabbi Rappaport enjoys a strong rapport with Sage Midwifery, often receiving referrals and hearing from their patients.
  2. Premier Birth Center: With a steady stream of referrals from both of their locations, Premier Birth Center and Rabbi Rappaport share a collaborative relationship. Mayan Zielinski contributes to this strong connection.
  3. Blue Ridge Birth: Kelly Jenkins at Blue Ridge Birth is not only a huge referral source for Rabbi Rappaport but also a personal client. Rabbi Rappaport has had the honor of serving her family.
  4. Fairfax Home Birth: Regular interactions and referrals from Fairfax Home Birth highlight the trusted relationship between Rabbi Rappaport and this center.
  5. Grace Midwifery: Doran Richards is a key referral source for Rabbi Rappaport.
  6. Atara Klein: Rabbi Rappaport’s connection with Atara Klein is both personal and professional. Rabbi Rappaport has established a significant bond, leading to a steady stream of referrals.
  7. Karen Carr Midwife: Over the years, Karen Carr has been a substantial referral source for Rabbi Rappaport, indicating a deep level of trust and professional admiration.
  8. Charm City Midwives: Bayla Berkowitz from Charm City Midwives is well-acquainted with Rabbi Rappaport, contributing significantly as a referral source.

Other notable midwives and birthing centers include:

  1. Three Rivers Midwifery
  2. Brookhaven Birth Center
  3. BirthCare & Women’s Health
  4. Mama’s Midwives
  5. Chesapeake Midwifery
  6. NOVA Birth Partners
  7. Shifrah’s Sisters Holistic Birth Services

Rabbi Rappaport’s collaboration with these centers reflects the high level of trust and respect he has earned in the community. 

His dedication to providing compassionate and skilled care makes him a preferred choice for families seeking a meaningful and respectful circumcision experience.

How Do Midwives View Rabbi Rappaport’s Services?

Midwives have shown great admiration and respect for Rabbi Rappaport’s circumcision services! 

His interactions with midwives, though separate and distinct, have left a lasting impression. Rabbi Rappaport has invited midwives to observe his procedure, inspiring awe and appreciation for his skill and the comfort he provides to the babies. 

His reputation precedes him, as midwives who have seen or heard of the results of his work often recommend his services!

What Are the Benefits of Midwives Collaborating with Rabbi Rappaport?

There are many reasons why choosing Rabbi Rappaport for circumcision is paramount compared to more clinically detached methods!

Benefits of midwives collaborating with Rabbi Rappaport
  • Expertise in Traditional Methods: Rabbi Rappaport’s expertise, honed under the guidance of renowned Mohels like Rabbi Moshe Weisberg and his father, Rabbi Moshe Rappaport, ensures a safe and effective circumcision procedure.
  • Efficient Procedure: His mastery of the Mogen clamp technique allows for a quick and precise circumcision, which is beneficial in reducing the stress on the baby and easing the process for parents.
  • Minimal Equipment and Quick Recovery: Rabbi Rappaport’s method involves minimal equipment—a straight hemostat and a surgical scalpel. The quick procedure followed by a natural recovery process, where Bacitracin is applied to the area, aligns with the midwives’ preference for natural healing processes.
  • Safety and Precision: The careful placement of the Mogen clamp and the verification process ensures the safety and precision of the circumcision, which is paramount in earning the trust of both parents and midwives.

Why Families Choose Birth Centers and Holistic Care

The choice of birth centers and holistic care reflects a growing desire among families for a more natural, traditional, and intimate approach, as typical in the Bris Milah ceremony.

Hospital procedures are often clinical and impersonal, while Rabbi Rappaport’s circumcision experience is deeply personal and significant. He guides parents in preparing for the ceremony with specific items like a firm sleeping pillow, cloth diapers, tallits, and Kosher sweet grape wine, ensuring the ritual is meaningful and personal.

Many parents see Rabbi Rappaport’s method as a safer, more comforting alternative. They appreciate that there’s no need for Vitamin K injections or drugs, as the baby’s blood naturally clots on its own on the 8th day after birth. 

Rabbi Rappaport’s expertise and sensitive approach have made him a preferred choice for over 4000 ceremonies and over 5000 families over the last two decades! 

How Do Families Feel About Rabbi Rappaport’s Home Circumcisions?

Families who choose Rabbi Rappaport for home circumcisions often share feelings of deep satisfaction and comfort. 

A recent example from Stafford, VA, where a family with four children experienced Rabbi Rappaport’s expertise, highlights this sentiment. The procedure, lasting under 30 seconds, allowed the family to be present and involved, starkly contrasting with their previous hour-long hospital experience. 

This quick, minimally invasive approach, combined with the comfort and familiarity of their home environment, left the family extremely impressed and determined to call upon Rabbi Rappaport for any future circumcision needs.

This positive experience is echoed in numerous reviews and testimonials from families who have chosen Rabbi Rappaport for their circumcisions!

Baby toddler holding mother's hand

Choose Rabbi Rappaport for a Compassionate, Traditional Circumcision!

With over 4,000 Bris Milah ceremonies conducted and serving over 5000 families with the perfect circumcision experience across the country and the world, Rabbi Avraham Rappaport is one of the best Expert Mohels you can count on in the MD/DC/VA area. 

Whether for yourself or your newborn son, Rabbi Rappaport is ready to put his wealth of knowledge and experience at your service and guide you through your perfect circumcision experience! Thousands of grateful families recommend him as the ideal Mohel for the perfect Bris Milah ceremony! So don’t hesitate to contact Rabbi Rappaport and entrust your baby’s first covenant into his hands right away! We also invite you to read or write a review of your experience with Rabbi Rappaport!

“I was very impressed with Rabbi Rappaport. He was very professional, yet friendly, and I could hardly believe the circumcision could be done so quickly and systematically. With Mordecai being our firstborn, I was slightly nervous about the whole thing, but Rabbi Rappaport made us feel at ease, answered all our questions, and gave good instructions for what to do after he left. And thank you for driving 4 hours one way just for us! I have already recommended you to another young family here in West Virginia.” — Lenspiration.
Let Rabbi Rappaport do the job if you plan to organize a ritual circumcision for yourself or your child. Contact him anytime on his cell at 443-790-6541. You can also send him an email at [email protected] or visit his website. He will be delighted to support you in ensuring you have a perfect experience!