Throughout the world, the number of mohels has seen steady growth over the past decades. From the United States to Russia’s Far East, Jewish communities call upon mohels to help celebrate their newborn sons’ arrival into the world by sanctifying their first covenant with God in a ceremony called Bris Milah. But do all these mohels receive the same training? Do all these mohels deserve the title of an “expert mohel?” 

Rabbi Avraham Rappaport, a second-generation expert mohel currently active in the MD/DC/VA area, is here to tell us that not all mohels receive the same education and that being a “world-renowned mohel” is a matter of training, expertise, dedication, and spiritual calling.

What Separates Rabbi Rappaport from Other Mohels?

“I have had the honor and privilege to practice Bris Milah for more than 20 years and have been involved in approximately 4000 ceremonies and procedures in Israel, the United States, and Canada for Jewish, non-Jewish, and Interfaith families of all affiliations and backgrounds,” Rabbi Rappaport explained.

As a parent, it’s only natural to look for the best mohel in the field for your newborn son. Training expertise, number of performed circumcision, even the tone of their voice can make the difference between an average and an expert mohel. For Rabbi Rappaport, there’s no expert mohel without mastering every single detail, both anatomical and spiritual, of the circumcision procedure. And this mastery can only stem from adequate and thorough training. Today, we will use Rabbi Rappaport’s example to illustrate why only an expert mohel can create a perfect experience for your son!

How Did Rabbi Rappaport Become a Mohel?

Every step of Rabbi Rappaport’s training supports a perfect experience. He is a second-generation mohel who grew up in the house of Rabbi Moshe Rappaport. His mohel training took place under Chief Mohel Rabbi Moshe Weisberg, who, until he departed this world at the age of 67, had performed over 100,000 circumcisions! The privilege of being Rabbi Weisberg’s apprentice for several years allowed Rabbi Rappaport to see and handle every scenario and anatomy under the sun.

Treating Every Anatomy in a Unique Way

Ever since he returned to the United States in 2002, Rabbi Rappaport has kept true to his word and has created perfect experiences for more than 4000 families worldwide. But what supports these perfect experiences, and how does Rabbi Rappaport bless so many families with perfect Bris Milah ceremonies? The answer lies in his training. Rabbi Weisberg’s guidance allowed Rabbi Rappaport to gain such a comprehensive knowledge of circumcisions that there’s no anatomy he hasn’t seen before. As a result, he always comes prepared and always has an answer to even the most complex cases.

Another secret to Rabbi Rappaport’s success is his individualized approach to each circumcision. For Rabbi Rappaport, every anatomy, every baby, although the general anatomy is the same, is unique. A regular mohel in a typical case may end up doing a good job, but with Rabbi Rappaport’s expertise, the result will always be a perfect experience!

The Circumcision Procedure Takes No More Than 40 Seconds

Rabbi Rappaport’s experience empowers him not only to create the perfect circumcision experience but also to finish the circumcision procedure in the blink of an eye! The “Rappaport Method,” perfected over two generations of expert mohels, is as quick and painless as any parents could ever dream of. In less than 40 seconds, Rabbi Rappaport performs the circumcision procedure, allowing parents to worry less about their newborn sons’ safety and enjoy the ceremony’s spiritual significance more.

The last fundamental trait that describes every expert mohel is affability. Rabbi Rappaport is known as the nicest and friendliest mohel in the MD/DC/VA area, not only because of his nature but also because of the parents, who need their mohel to be calm, understanding, reassuring, and always in control. An expert mohel can always ease the parents’ concerns while keeping their composure. This trait separates them from an average mohel, whose lacking communication skills might instill more anxiety in the already-anxious parents. As Rabbi Rappaport himself says:

“An expert mohel has a friendly and understanding personality, is confident, but can also put the parents at ease in all situations!”

Choosing Rabbi Rappaport for a Perfect Circumcision Experience

Rabbi Rappaport is more than ready to put his expert mohel training and expertise at your newborn son’s disposal and help him take his first spiritual life step with a Bris Milah procedure! The unparalleled training, one-of-a-kind expertise, and true devotion to his spiritual calling have earned Rabbi Rappaport his “world-renowned mohel” reputation. Thousands of successful circumcision procedures and grateful families recommend him as the perfect mohel for the perfect Bris Milah ceremony! So don’t hesitate to contact Rabbi Rappaport and entrust your baby’s first covenant into his hands right away! We also invite you to read or write a review of your experience with Rabbi Rappaport!  

Let Rabbi Rappaport do the job if you plan to organize a ritual circumcision for yourself or your child. Contact him anytime on his cell at: 443-790-6541. You can also send him an email at [email protected] or visit his website. He will be happy to support you in making sure you have a perfect experience!