I am an integrative medical Nurse Practitioner and draw a lot of home birth clients - I regularly refer them to Rabbi Rappaport, because out of the hundreds of circumcisions I watched in the hospital over the years, his work on my first son was the most straightforward and drama-free I’d ever seen! We just used Rabbi Rappaport again for our new son and again his work is so fast, painless and clean. Listen to my video testimonial as well
Stefanie (NP) & Robert J.

Nurse Practitioner, (Alexandria, Virginia)

"During nursing school, I observed dozens of circumcisions and Rabbi Rappaport's procedure on our son was the most relaxed and least traumatic one I have ever seen."

Amber Zukas & Brad Cawthern

NP (John's Hopkins Hospital)

“I was delighted to be present at a Bris performed by Rabbi Abraham Rappaport. The couple was from Israel and spoke fluent Hebrew, but many of the guests were American with no knowledge of Hebrew. Rabbi Rappaport made all present feel at ease with his humor and caring demeanor. He switched back and forth from Hebrew to English so everyone present was aware of the importance of this ceremony. His skill and speed during the ceremony was also evident. If I ever have another boy, I would be honored to have Rabbi Rappaport perform the Bris.”

Michelle Spector M.D.,

F.A.C.O.G. (Obstetrician-Gynecologist)

"We are so thankful that we chose Rabbi Avraham Rappaport to be the Mohel for both of our boys. He was everything we could ask for. His ceremony was inspiring, accommodating and even a bit humorous. He made everyone feel so calm at such an anxious moment. The actual circumcision took a few seconds and our baby hardly cried. Our pediatrician raved about Rabbi Rappaport’s work and we hope other expecting parents are privileged to engage Rabbi Rappaport to perform their son’s Bris."

Rabbi Ariel and Pessi Sadwin,

Baltimore, Md.

"Rabbi Rappaport brought great kindness and warmth to the bris he conducted for our son, Reuben, and the naming ceremony of Reuben's twin sister, Anabel.  The Rabbi's words contained both wisdom and humor--necessities if you're embarking upon a journey with twins--and we believe that both children received the best of sendoffs to a rich, happy Jewish life.  We're very lucky that Rabbi Rappaport with his expertise was there to help share in our simchas."

Sarah and Howard Ockman,

Martinsburg, West Virginia

"We found the time leading up to the actual circumcision very stressful.  We had two main concerns.  First, were we taking an unnecessary risk having the circumcision performed by mohel who wasn’t also a doctor?  I did a little research and found that mohel’s are experts at the circumcision procedure.  Even the royal house of England chooses a mohel over a doctor for the circumcision of its boys.  Second, was our little boy going to be in pain?  Prior to the ceremony I was comforted by the fact that I did not remember my circumcision.  Having watched Rabbi Avraham Rappaport perform my son’s circumcision with such swiftness and professionalism, I can attest to the fact that our baby seemed much more disturbed by diaper changes than the circumcision.  We were also so grateful for Rabbi Rappaport’s personal follow up to the Bris. We had a second son and did not need to think twice about reserving Rabbi Rappaport for his expert service once again."

Rachel and Jason S.,

Potomac, Md.

We have had two sons and Rabbi Rappaport has performed the circumcision for each – and we cannot imagine anyone else leading this important milestone. After the Rabbi performed our nephew’s circumcision, we knew he was the right person for us. It’s not just a medical procedure for him. He personalizes each one and provides genuine care for each set of parents. He promises a perfect experience for your baby boy, and it has been just that every time – if we are blessed with another son, we know who to call!
Joshua, Julianna, Richard, Simone, and Henry

Charlotte, North Carolina

We had our son Tobi circumcised by an OBGYN in Lutherville, MD when he was 12 days old. We though that since he's a doctor he's in good hands. Unfortunately, it was not good at all and it needed to be completely redone as a 2 month old. We've now learned that this is the case with many of this doctors procedures. Thankfully we were referred to the wonderful Rabbi Avraham who fixed everything in less than one minute and made the very stressful process so easy and reassuring. We will only be recommending Rabbi Rappaport to all our friends and family in the future!
Lola and Paul Ekanem

Severn, MD

For those of you as new parents, looking for a Mohel, allow me to introduce you to Rabbi Avraham Rappaport.
I am an anesthesiologist with 41 years of experience and now a grandfather. Rabbi Rappaport performed the Bris for my grandson. Simply put, he was excellent. Put aside your stress, anxiety and worry. He is personable and very professional both medically and rabbinically. Watching the procedure first hand, holding my grandson, I can tell you that his sterile technique and surgical dexterity was first class. My brother, a dentist and another anesthesia colleague were in attendance. We all agreed that he was top notch. His care of the child throughout the ceremony was calming. His instructions before the ceremony, during and aftercare instructions were great. He is available, if needed, after he leaves the Bris. This was very reassuring. A Bris can be very nerve wracking for everyone. Rabbi Rappaport was excellent in all areas and you will find yourselves at ease with him. I heartily recommend him as a Mohel without reservation.
Mark Schutz


"My son was circumcised in the hospital the day after he was born just as my older son was. This time, the circumcision was horribly executed. We feared he would be teased as he got older. Our pediatrician (whom we greatly respect) advised we “give it a few months”.

No parents wants to make the decision to have their child re-circumcised. The only option we were given was surgery. We did not like the idea of our son having to be admitted to the hospital and put under general anesthesia at 9 months old so I began researching any other option.
That is when I found Rabbi Rappaport. Rabbi Rappaport was responsive and kind while listening to our concerns. Because our son was already 9 months old he quickly fit us into his schedule.
Rabbi Rappaport came to our home and the whole process took less than 1 minute (and the painful part less than 2 seconds...I’m not kidding). My husband and I were able to hold him and console him before, during and immediately after so that he was at peace.
I know it seems unbelievable but there was no swelling or bleeding and my son only had over the counter pain medicine. He was back to his normal happy self that evening.
Rabbi Rappaport corrected the previously botched circumcision and made this process as painless as possible for everyone. If we have more boys in the future we will use Rabbi Rappaport the first time!"
Anna and Jerry Jubb

We were a bit nervous before our son’s Brit Mila. Luckily, our experience with Rabbi Rappaport was very positive. He immediately put us all at ease with his professional yet relaxed approach, kindness and thoughtfulness to everyone in the room, including the children who constantly approached him to see what he was doing. We highly recommend Rabbi Rappaport for new and experienced families who wish for a wonderful and relatively stress-free experience for their young ones. 

Greg Holden & Lilach Cohen-Holden

Germantown, MD

"Rabbi Avraham Rappaport did a wonderful job at each of our 3 son’s Bris’s. His pleasant smile, kind words, and quick hand made us nervous parents at ease. We recommend him to all rookie and veteran parents!"

Rebbecca and Max Masinter,

Olney, Md.

"We have nothing but the highest praise for Rabbi
Rappaport. He made a potentially stressful event both
meaningful and inspiring. The Rabbi was very flexible
and allowed us to incorporate our own words into the
ceremony so that it would feel more personalized. His
follow-through was above and beyond the call of duty
-- he visited our son both before and after the
ceremony. Perhaps most importantly, Rabbi Rappaport
is very skilled and we are very pleased with his

Jennifer, Josh (and Ari) Kefer

Silver Spring, MD

"We were so happy and fortunate that our good friend Rabbi Avraham Rappaport was able to fly out to Chicago to perform our son Eli’s Bris. Having two other sons born in other states with other Mohels we really feel that Rabbi Avraham Rappaport is “a cut above the rest”! His knowledge, his ceremony and his medical care and expertise were so reassuring to us."

Rebbecca and Morris Finkelstien,

Chicago, Il.

"Having Rabbi Rappaport perform our son's circumcision was a wonderful blessing.  Not only did he demonstrate utmost professionalism in his surgical skill, his words and actions showed a genuine care for our son and family.  Given our experience with Rabbi Rappaport, there is no doubt in our mind that we made the right decision to avoid having the circumcision performed by a medical doctor.  We cannot recommend him highly enough."

Branden & Gina Schroeder

Crownsville, MD

"After 4 girls we were quite excited and anxious to celebrate our son's Bris. We had already been to dozens of Brisses that Rabbi Rappaport performed so we had nothing to be concerned about. He was so patient, calm and reassuring and visited us at our home before after the Bris. The procedure was completed before I even realized he actually did it. He is absolutely "a cut above the rest!"

Meghann and Ben Schwartz

Hollywood, FL

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