What to Look For in a Mohel!

Dec 26, 2021 | General

Parents are always looking to do what’s best for their newborn babies. Whether it’s baby-proofing the house or picking out the most baby-friendly toys, safety is the word in all of your choices. And the same applies to choosing a mohel, a person who is specially trained in the medical and surgical techniques of circumcision, for their newborn son’s Bris Milah ceremony. 

But how do parents know if the mohel they’ve picked is an expert in the field? What if the choice backfires, and the parents are left to deal with the aftermath of a botched circumcision procedure? Today’s blog will help guide you through the process of choosing the right mohel for your baby!

Rabbi Avraham Rappaport, a second-generation expert mohel currently active in the MD/DC/VA, has helped more than 4,000 families celebrate their newborn sons’ first covenant with God. He is here to share with us what to look for in a mohel and how to handpick an expert mohel that will bless your newborn baby with a perfect circumcision experience!

#1: Look for a Mohel with a Name in the Community

Right from the start, look for a mohel whose prestige and trustworthiness precede him. Especially in smaller, more compact communities, where word of mouth counts the same as an online review, recommendations from friends, family, a local pediatrician, or the local rabbi are essential when picking out your newborn son’s mohel. Multiple positive reviews from various parties mean that the mohel has performed successful Bris Milah ceremonies in the past and that he enjoys the community’s trust.

Rabbi Rappaport is always ready to share his references with parents who contact him for Bris Milah ceremonies. Rabbi Rappaport asks parents to contact the last five families that have chosen him for circumcision procedures during every introductory conversation, knowing that these families will have nothing but words of praise about his work!    

#2: More Circumcisions Mean More Experience

In the world of circumcisions, every procedure is a sign of the mohel’s solid training and expertise. And this ratio grows exponentially—the more circumcisions you perform, the more experienced of a mohel you become. As a mohel, once you’ve reached the 1000-circumcision mark, you earn the right to be called a specialist.

Rabbi Rappaport went even further than the 1000-circumcision threshold. With more than 4,000 Bris Milah ceremonies in his portfolio, Rabbi Rappaport is more than a specialist mohel—he is an expert mohel who is guaranteed to always deliver a perfect circumcision experience!

#3: Bedside Manners Are Everything

Children’s safety is a touchy subject for every parent, which is why they will not entrust their newborn son’s circumcision to a mohel lightly. Stress and constant negative thoughts will be on the parent’s mind, from finding a mohel to the end of the circumcision procedure, so they need not just an expert but an expert with wonderful bedside manners, whose pleasant, warm, and friendly personality can put parents’ anxiety at ease and allow them to enjoy their son’s first covenant with God.

Rabbi Rappaport is frequently called by families whose first experience with a mohel was unpleasant. Numerous testimonials point towards his professional yet calming approach, encouraging parents to partake in the blessings bestowed upon their children. No wonder why Rabbi Rappaport is known as the nicest and friendliest mohel in the MD/DC/VA area!

“We were a bit nervous before our son’s Brit Milas. Luckily, our experience with Rabbi Rappaport was very positive. He immediately put us all at ease with his professional yet relaxed approach, kindness, and thoughtfulness to everyone in the room, including the children who constantly approached him to see what he was doing. We highly recommend Rabbi Rappaport for new and experienced families who wish for a wonderful and relatively stress-free experience for their young ones.” – Greg Holden & Lilach Cohen-Holden, Germantown, MD.

#4: An MD Is not Always an Expert in Circumcisions

There’s no doubt that MDs are the most qualified professionals to keep us healthy. But circumcisions are not always their cup of tea. Unfortunately, numerous botched circumcisions take place in a hospital under the guidance of an MD or a resident, so the MD tag is not necessarily synonymous with a successful circumcision.

Instead, look for a professional whose extensive training centers around everything related to circumcisions. Although not an MD himself, Rabbi Rappaport has more experience than any doctor in the MD/DC/VA area! He practices at local hospitals and surgical centers with leading pediatricians and urologists, helping medical experts better their knowledge on circumcisions. Such is Rabbi Rappaport’s prestige that any doctor’s office in the MD/DC/VA area recommends him for circumcision ceremonies!

“I am an integrative medical Nurse Practitioner and draw a lot of home birth clients. I regularly refer them to Rabbi Rappaport because out of the hundreds of circumcisions I watched in the hospital over the years, his work on my first son was the most straightforward and drama-free I’d ever seen! – Stefanie (NP) & Robert J., Nurse Practitioner, Alexandria, VA.

Choosing Rabbi Rappaport for a Perfect Circumcision Experience

With over 4,000 Bris Milah ceremonies conducted across the country and the world, Rabbi Avraham Rappaport is one of the best expert mohels you can count on in the MD/DC/VA area. Whether it’s for yourself or your newborn son, Rabbi Rappaport is ready to put his wealth of knowledge and experience at your service and guide you through your very own perfect circumcision experience! Thousands of grateful families recommend him as the perfect mohel for the perfect Bris Milah ceremony! So don’t hesitate to contact Rabbi Rappaport and entrust your baby’s first covenant into his hands right away! We also invite you to read or write a review of your experience with Rabbi Rappaport!   

“The Rabbi’s words contained both wisdom and humor–necessities if you’re embarking upon a journey with twins–and we believe that both children received the best of sendoffs to a rich, happy Jewish life.” – Sarah and Howard Ockman, Martinsburg, WV.

If you plan to organize a ritual circumcision for yourself or your child, let Rabbi Rappaport do the job. Contact him anytime on his cell at: 443-790-6541. You can also send him an email at [email protected] or visit his website. He will be happy to support you in making sure you have a perfect experience!

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