How Much Does a Circumcision Cost?

Jun 14, 2022 | Circumcision

Ritual circumcision, which is the first solemn step of every newborn boy into the Jewish covenant, as well as non-ritual circumcision (not of the Jewish faith) and every aspect of it, from preparations to the circumcision procedure itself, must be considered with due diligence. Of course, the baby’s safety and well-being are always on the parents’ minds, but for many parents, an important question regarding the ritual has to do with circumcision cost. Either because they want to be prepared to reward the Mohel for his excellent service or because of their financial situation, discussions surrounding the price of circumcision are inescapable, and it’s up to each Mohel to bring clarity and comfort to already-anxious parents. 

But the price should not dictate parents’ approach to circumcision and its long-lasting benefits, both physically and spiritually. Rabbi Avraham Rappaport, a second-generation expert Mohel currently active in the MD/DC/VA area and beyond, believes that cost is an issue in the absence of value. That being said, once parents understand that Rabbi Rappaport will bless their newborn sons with a perfect experience, they will acknowledge the primacy of quality and excellence over price and will employ his expert services without hesitation. 

Nevertheless, Rabbi Rappaport does have specific guidelines with regards to circumcision cost, which we will share with our readers in today’s article! 

Circumcision Cost in the Jewish Law

Following the example of Abraham, the Jewish sacred texts point towards the father as the parent responsible for performing the circumcision procedure. But most fathers do not have the training to perform circumcisions, so they transfer the responsibility to a Mohel, who performs the mitzvah in the father’s stead. Jewish scholars interpret payment for the circumcision as the father’s participation in the mitzvah, although he relies on a Mohel to bring it to completion. 

For Rabbi Rappaport, however, the sacredness of the mitzvah cannot be tainted with monetary benefits. As he tells us, Rabbis are not allowed to charge for the performance of any commandment. Instead, what he charges for is his time and expertise in supporting newborn sons with a perfect experience!

Cost is an Issue in the Absence of Quality

Many of Rabbi Rappaport’s first conversations with parents circle the topic of circumcision cost, as they might want to research more affordable Mohel options before making a decision. But instead of jumping straight to the answer, Rabbi Rappaport employs a healthier strategy: he first explains to the parents that his job and goal is to make sure their son has a perfect experience and then describes how he supports that. Speed, accuracy, painlessness, inclusiveness, friendliness, and follow-up are the benefits of Rabbi Rappaport’s method, benefits no discussion over circumcision cost could ever downplay. Once they realize the benefits, families entrust their newborn sons in the hands of Rabbi Rappaport for a perfect circumcision experience!

Rabbi Rappaport’s Circumcision Costs

The circumcision costs for Rabbi Rappaport vary depending on particular circumstances. For example, the general fee for circumcisions performed in the MD/DC/VA area hovers around $650-$750. The price will differ if additional travel time is implied (e.g., a 1-2 hour travel time will cost less than a 3-4 hour travel time) or if flight time is involved (to NC and SC or other states on the East Coast). Rabbi Rappaport is more than willing to use alternative means of transportation, such as a train, as long as the parents cover the transportation costs.

Rabbi Rappaport performs adult circumcisions (for ritual and non-ritual reasons) with his close colleague, Dr. Richie Broth, M.D., in his Silver Spring, MD, office. Once again, their job is to support a perfect experience in the quickest, most painless, and precise way. It is a longer procedure requiring local anesthesia and sutures, but, once again, the value is unprecedented. The general cost for adults is $1800 and can be covered by insurance.

As for discounted rates, Rabbi Rappaport is willing to offer discounts for circumcisions under various circumstances and he also offers the family a reduced rate if they travel to his location. But that’s not what Rabbi considers first and foremost. For him, the ascendancy of quality over quantity is sacred, which is always reflected in his circumcision costs. Rabbi Rappaport will always work with the family to ensure that cost is not an issue, as he wants to make sure that the baby has a perfect experience!

Choose Rabbi Rappaport for a Perfect Circumcision Experience!

Rabbi Rappaport is more than ready to use his expert Mohel training and celebrate your son’s Bris Milah! Unparalleled training and mastery of the circumcision field recommend him as the optimal Mohel choice for Bris Milah ceremonies in the MD/DC/VA area and beyond. Thousands of successful circumcisions and grateful families helped build Rabbi Rappaport’s expert Mohel reputation! So don’t hesitate to contact Rabbi Rappaport and allow him to support your newborn baby in enjoying a perfect experience in the quickest, most painless, and precise way! We also invite you to read or write a review of your experience with Rabbi Rappaport!

“We had our son Tobi circumcised by an OBGYN in Lutherville, MD, when he was 12 days old. We thought that since he’s a doctor, he’s in good hands. Unfortunately, it was not good at all, and it needed to be completely redone as a 2-month-old. We’ve now learned that this is the case with many of these doctors’ procedures. Thankfully, we were referred to the wonderful Rabbi Avraham, who fixed everything in less than one minute and made the very stressful process so easy and reassuring. We will only be recommending Rabbi Rappaport to all our friends and family in the future!” – Branden & Gina Schroeder, Crownsville, MD.

Let Rabbi Rappaport do the job if you plan to organize a ritual circumcision for yourself or your child. Contact him anytime on his cell at: 443-790-6541. You can also send him an email at [email protected] or visit his website. He will be happy to support you in making sure you have a perfect experience!

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