Everything You Need To Know About Adult Jewish Circumcision

Sep 21, 2021 | Circumcision

The general population associates the circumcision ritual with a baby’s fragile age, i.e., the eight-day or within the first few weeks of the baby’s life, when mohels perform the Bris Milah ceremony on newborn babies and formally welcome them into the Jewish community. However, do people only undergo circumcisions at a young age, or is there a way for adults to experience this holiest of rituals? Today, our mission is to navigate the subject of adult circumcision and help you discover whether adult circumcision is or is not permitted in the Jewish community.

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Does the Jewish Faith Allow Adult Circumcision?

Rabbi Avraham Rappaport, a second-generation expert mohel currently active in the MD/DC/VA area, reminds us that the first documented circumcision was performed not on a newborn baby, but an adult, more precisely on Abraham, when he was already 99 years old:

“This is my covenant with you and your descendants after you, the covenant you are to keep: Every male among you shall be circumcised. You are to undergo circumcision, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and you.” (Genesis, 17, 10-11)

Abraham’s covenant abundantly proves that adult circumcision is not only permitted but also recommended. However, why would someone wait until adulthood to undergo the Bris Milah ceremony? The reasons vary and deserve a closer look.

#1: Past Dangers

Unfortunately, not all ages and societies were as permissive with circumcisions as today. Communist countries such as the USSR and Albania had imposed bans on Jewish ritual circumcisions, and the ritual was forced underground, with numerous dangers for children, parents, and mohels.

Rabbi Rappaport recalls the emotional story of one of his patients, a 74-year-old former Marine Corps colonel born in Hungary. Although his mother’s wish was to have both him and his brother circumcised, their stepfather, who was not Jewish, was entirely against this procedure. Now, many years later, our colonel contacted Rabbi Rappaport and requested an adult circumcision, which the Rabbi gladly granted. Therefore, it’s safe to say that adult circumcision is always an available path, regardless of age.

#2: Becoming More Religious

It’s hard to predict how life’s ups and downs will shape our future. While some listen to the spiritual world’s higher calling, others do not engage in religious activities as much, nor do they see religion as a significant part of their lives. However, life’s vicissitudes find a way to turn some people towards religion and spirituality, people who sometimes choose to undergo adult circumcisions to prove the seriousness of this newfound spirituality towards God.

Rabbi Rappaport tells us the story of a 54-year-old Russian father whose spiritual rekindling and ambition to bring his life more in line with God’s teachings prompted him to undergo adult circumcision. For Rabbi Rappaport, undergoing adult circumcision as a sign of newfound religiosity is nothing short of a courageous act, which deserves to be celebrated with joy and pride.

Undergoing the covenant of circumcision does not exclude adult believers, and Rabbi Rappaport is happy to inform all adults that Jewish circumcision is an easy-to-perform mitzvah, regardless of age! 

What Does Adult Circumcision Entail?

Adult circumcisions do not dramatically differ in approach or technique from newborn circumcisions. However, it’s helpful to observe a few differences. Rabbi Rappaport will perform the adult circumcision procedure with a fellow physician, who will administer a local, painless anesthetic to the patient to ensure a smooth, painless procedure. 

The whole process will take less than 45 minutes, of which preparations occupy most of the time. The actual circumcision procedure from start to finish takes about a minute. The administering of the local anesthesia, suturing and making sure any minor bleeding is stopped takes up most of the time. Rabbi Rappaport performs adult circumcisions as outpatient procedures, so you will be free to celebrate your sacred covenant with God for the rest of the day!

Are There Any Other Benefits to Adult Circumcision?

Aside from the religious and spiritual implications, adult circumcisions come with a myriad of other benefits. For example, some adults underwent imperfect circumcisions when young and would like to address some aesthetic issues. Others, however, want to address pain during intimacy, as circumcisions release additional pressure and render sexual intercourse much more enjoyable, the way it was intended to be. Regardless of the desired benefit, adult circumcision is always an option, and Rabbi Rappaport is here to accompany you through the perfect circumcision experience!

Choosing Rabbi Rappaport for a Perfect Circumcision Experience

Rabbi Rappaport is more than ready to help you celebrate your newfound religiosity and desire to seal the most sacred of covenants with God through an adult circumcision procedure. With thousands of circumcisions performed across the world, Rabbi Rappaport boasts all the necessary credentials to help you enjoy a perfect circumcision experience! His long apprenticeships under his father Rabbi Moshe Rappaport of Baltimore and the Chief Mohel of Israel, Rabbi Moshe Weisberg, taught him how to employ his understanding of the anatomy and his God-given gifts for a quick and painless procedure! Now, he is ready to put his mastery and confidence, as well as his unique approach to good use and help you celebrate the Bris Milah ceremony right away! We also invite you to read or write a review of your experience with Rabbi Rappaport!

If you plan to organize a ritual circumcision for yourself or your child, let Rabbi Rappaport do the job. Contact him anytime on his cell at: 443-790-6541. You can also send him an email at [email protected] or visit his website. He will be happy to support you in making sure you have a perfect experience!

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