The Main Differences Between A Traditional/Holistic Circumcision And A Hospital Circumcision

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If you’re arranging your son’s circumcision, you’re probably wondering where it should be carried out. Should you take your baby to the hospital? Or should you opt for a holistic method? Of course, every parent wants to be sure that their baby experiences minimal pain, but there are some other considerations to keep in mind, too, when making a final decision. Here, we take a closer look at some of the differences between a hospital and a holistic circumcision so that you can make a well-informed choice that’s right for you and your precious baby.

What Can I Expect if I Take My Baby to a Hospital?

Some parents think that a hospital procedure must be safer and better for their baby, however this may not necessarily be the case. Many parents are unaware of how the procedure is carried out in the hospital setting. For example, they may not know that they will generally not be present when the procedure takes place, or that it could take up to thirty minutes. Although the hospital is a safe and sterile environment, it can also be very clinical and cold – not necessarily something that parents would want for their babies.

What Can I Expect from a Holistic Circumcision?

The holistic circumcision experience is very different from one carried out in a hospital, both for your baby and for you as parents. For a start, the length of the procedure is considerably shorter, taking just 15 to 30 seconds from start to finish. You’ll also be welcome to be present at all times, and you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your baby is being held by loving and warm hands throughout. Your baby will be injected with drugs in the hospital, but there are no injections or drugs necessary during the holistic procedure – if you’re worried about your son experiencing pain, a topical anesthetic can be applied if you prefer. Most importantly, the whole occasion is meaningful and spiritual without any of the clinical coldness that you would experience in the impersonal hospital environment.

Why Choose a Holistic Circumcision?

Although holistic circumcision isn’t the right choice for every parent, thousands of families have chosen Rabbi Rappaport over the years to carry out their son’s circumcision and have been delighted with the results. They found the experience to be a warm, caring, and deeply personal one with a spiritual atmosphere that made the day particularly special. Having carried out more than 4000 procedures over the past nearly twenty years, you can rely on Rabbi Rappaport’s expertise, and with his sensitive, understanding approach to both parents and babies alike, he guarantees your son will have a perfect experience and result. Check out our website today to find more testimonials from parents who have used Rabbi Rappaport’s holistic circumcision service and to learn more about how you can arrange one for your own baby boy.

In short here are the main differences:

Hospital/Doctor Circumcision

· 10-30 minutes

· Baby strapped down

· Injection

· Clinical and cold

· In the hospital/doctor’s office

· Parents generally not present

· 8 out of 10 are far from perfect

· 5 out of 10 should have revisions

Holistic/Traditional Circumcision

· 15-30 seconds

· Baby held by warm, loving hands

· No drugs or injections

· topical anesthetic (solution)

· 18+ years of experience/ more than 4,000 procedures

· Loved ones encouraged to be present

· Every baby has a perfect experience

· No revisions ever needed

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