The delight of welcoming a baby girl to the family is immeasurable – and this alone is enough reason for a celebration! Now, it is time to find the perfect name for your daughter, a name that celebrates your family’s Jewish tenets and traditions – it is time to learn about the Simchat Bat ceremony!

What Should You Do Before the Simchat Bat?

Event planning is a great way to have a memorable Simchat Bat. Gather your spouse, partner,  close family members, and even friends, and then ask the following questions:

  • Will it be an intimate or a grand party?
  • Do you prefer to have it in your house or a synagogue?
  • Do you know a rabbi or someone who can lead the ceremony? If not, do you prefer to perform it yourselves?
  • How will your older children participate?
  • But the most pressing question is – when do you want it to happen?

When Should You Plan a Simchat Bat?

For baby boys, the ceremony for Bris Milah or circumcision is usually done during his eighth day regardless if it’s the same date as the Yom Kippur or the Shabbat. However, the options are infinite for baby girls. To be truly prepared, you can choose from the following six options:

  • To parallel it with the brit milah, you can have it on her eighth day.
  • After two weeks or 14 days – according to the Torah, the mother’s impurity following childbirth lasts for two weeks.
  • If the baby girl is one month old, believing that she is only viable after 30 days.
  • When the baby girl is 80 days old, the exact timeline asks a woman to wait following a baby girl’s childbirth before visiting the Temple and bringing offerings.
  • Having it during the Rosh Chodesh or the first Jewish day of the new month is ideal since it parallels the Jewish timeline and women. The Rosh Chodesh is usually a minor occasion dedicated to women’s leisure which today’s feminists also celebrate.
  • You can also wait until the Shabbat has a covenantal meaning, or even on a Sunday. This ensures that both your family and the traditionally observant can attend.
  • It can really be scheduled when convenient for the parents but it’s more common to do it within the baby’s first year or so.

How Should You Prepare for the Simchat Bat?

If you’ve decided to have the Simchat Bat in a synagogue, the ceremony could take place in the sanctuary with a reception in the social hall. Those who’ve decided to have it at home may use the living or dining area for the feast. 

For the living room, make sure to have a staging area at the front. Although most people will have to stand for the ceremony itself, make sure to have lots of seating, especially for older participants.

For the dining room, the meals can feature a deli, buffets of bagels and lox, anything that reflects your family’s culture, or any food that’s easy to prepare. A birthday cake is also a great addition.

What Happens During the Simchat Bat?

First, the Rabbi will gather everyone together, share some words of inspiration, and walk everyone through the ceremony steps. The parents will recite a blessing of Thanksgiving for their new daughter, thus celebrating the miracle of life and the miracle of birth. The Rabbi will then make the blessing on a cup of wine — a tradition held at all Jewish rituals. The baby will then receive her blessing and her formal baby name in Hebrew. After that, honors will be bestowed usually upon the grandparents to recite a prayer and a naming blessing in English. Often, the parents will share the reasons they chose their daughter’s name and the meaning behind it. Finally, the Rabbi wishes the family a hearty Mazel Tov, followed by singing from everyone. To many, the real ceremony then begins with a “festive meal celebration.”


Although the Simchat Bat is rooted in ancient tradition, families have enough leeway to organize the ceremony as they see fit. This is what makes the Simchat Bat special: families enjoy a wide variety of options to celebrate it. They can even craft their own ceremony. Either way, the Simchat Bat ceremony could be the perfect opportunity for families to showcase their culture and orientation towards Judaism. Rabbi Rappaport is highly sought after Simchat Bat or Girl Baby Naming ceremonies. His friendly and energetic personality supports a perfect experience for all to appreciate. We also invite you to read or write a review of your experience with Rabbi Rappaport!