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Blog - The Perfect Circumcision


This is my blog page. Click on any text box that has sparked your interest and you can read the full blog post there. The hyperlinks will take you to articles on other websitesfrom thought leaders on the topic of bris. I hope you enjoy. Mazel Tov

Let’s Talk About the Main Circumcision Types

Let’s Talk About the Main Circumcision Types

Circumcision can be performed in many different ways, but the three most commonly used methods are the Gomco clamp, Plastibell device, and Mogen clamp. For more information about these three main circumcision types, continue reading this blog.

Vitamin K – To Do Or Not To Do?

Vitamin K – To Do Or Not To Do?

I have had the privilege over the past nearly 20 years to circumcise about 5000 babies and guess how many times I have asked the parents whether their beautiful new baby has received Vitamin K orally or by injection? You guessed it...not once! Why, you may ask? The...

Home Circumcisions Boom During COVID-19

Home Circumcisions Boom During COVID-19

Before the pandemic, Rappaport, an Orthodox rabbi who also runs a Columbia, Maryland, financial services company, typically performed five to seven circumcisions a week. Since mid-March, that number has soared to 10 to 15 weekly, which he believes is mostly due to restrictions on elective surgery related to the coronavirus pandemic.



"During nursing school, I observed dozens of circumcisions and Rabbi Rappaport's procedure on our son was the most relaxed and least traumatic one I have ever seen."

Amber Zukas & Brad Cawthern

NP (John's Hopkins Hospital)

"I am happy to recommend Rabbi Avraham Rappaport with whom I have worked jointly with performing complex ritual and non-ritual circumcisions. I am impressed with his professionalism, technical abilities and rabbinic expertise."

Julian Jakobovits, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins Hospital and University School of Medicine

“Rabbi Rappaport brought great kindness and warmth to the bris he conducted for our son, Reuben, and the naming ceremony of Reuben’s twin sister, Anabel.  The Rabbi’s words contained both wisdom and humor–necessities if you’re embarking upon a journey with twins–and we believe that both children received the best of sendoffs to a rich, happy Jewish life.  We’re very lucky that Rabbi Rappaport with his expertise was there to help share in our simchas.”

Sarah and Howard Ockman,

Martinsburg, WV